It’s been a while since we posted anything on the Digiprint Tumblr page but we’ve been busy printing, mounting, cutting and wrapping since our last post so we’ve got plenty of new images to share.

This is a van we wrapped last year for National Facilities Management and it was tricky getting the orange / red fade to line up on each side with the rear but it looked pretty good when it was finished

Most people have heard that 666 is the mark of the Devil or ‘number of the beast' but did you know that 777 is supposedly the mark of God? If it is then that makes this order sheet a bit spooky, the job number is 0777 and the customer is the Angel Hotel….

If only all packaging look as good as this Domino’s Pizza box designed by CP+B

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The Digiprint signage team went on a car wrapping training course last week and here’s a photo of part of the car that we practised on, and yes that is a textured alligator skin effect bonnet and a colour changing vinyl side panel

digiprint offers

Our new Sign & Exhibition offers are available throughout October and until the end of November so if you need any Christmas banners or Booster A-Boards to advertise your Christmas products give us a call on 01225 424821 or send us an email at!

Here are a couple of the 22 boards that we printed and mounted for Roper Rhodes recently, so if you need any artwork mounted to foam board, plastic board or metal board you know where to come!

…and if you need a new shower system then now you know where to go for that as well

In case you sometimes struggle to visualize the RGB colour space on a computer, American artist Tauba Auerbach has created a handy reference guide: a cubic book that shows off all of the colours in existence

We’ve tidied up our sign department recently so this is what the walls now look like, and these are just a few of the many colours of vinyl that we can supply!

We recently printed some A0 Eco-Friendly Foamalux panels for Good Energy and I wonder if they realised that they had a Pac-Man in their pie chart?

Here’s a Foamalux panel that we printed yesterday and I’m guessing that it might end up being at the Frome Cheese Show this weekend. I wonder what the Cheese Board is made of…

These are some of the signs that we made recently for TBKS Architectural Ironmongery in Bath and below is the excellent testimonial that they gave us!

From requirement to delivery Digiprint provided the type of service we look for in a supplier – fair price and very good customer service. The artwork and material options offered were excellent and Digiprint were responsive and helpful in dealing with the inevitable specification changes from the original requirement. All round the service and support was first class and they delivered on time. We will definitely use Digiprint for new signs or future major printing needs

Here are some close ups of a few gloss vinyl sticker samples that we printed and cut recently, designed by our very own Digiprint Signage Manager Lee Byway

Here are a couple of the 50/50 window vinyl stickers that we fitted today at Art Accountants in Bath, so now their employees can see out of the windows but people on the outside can’t see in.

…Having to climb up a ladder from the tiny basement to apply them and having flower boxes in front of the windows wasn’t ideal but we still managed to get them up!

Welcome to the new Digiprint Tumblr page! Keep checking back to see photos we’ll be posting of our team hard at work and of some of our products and jobs as we make them, and don’t forget that you can also find us on our main website (which will be getting a makeover very soon) and on Facebook at and